#36 NetApp FAS8000 Launch

By on 02/19/2014.

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On this episode of the NetApp Communities Podcast, NetApp launches the FAS8000 platform, and we’ve got the experts here on the show to give you a deep dive on the architecture and tell you everything you need to know…. and we’re still trying to raise money to shave my head.


Special Guests

Chris Lueth – Sr. Tech Marketing Engineer, FAS platforms
Dan Isaacs – Tech Marketing Engineer, FAS V-series & FlexArray


Useful Links

SPECsfs Benchmark of FAS8020

March 2014 issue of TechONTAP article featuring FAS8000

More coming soon!


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  1. I’ve just checked the SPEC submission and it mentions unter ‘Stable Storage’ that “The battery-backed NVRAM ensures that any uncommitted transactions are preserved for at least 72 hours.”

    For 62xx and 8xxx systems shouldn’t it be “preserved for eternity” ;-)
    Seeing that it is offloaded to flash and therefore not needing any battery whatsoever afterwards…


  2. NetApp FAS8000 Visio Shapes! - Datacenter Dude

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